Response to Councilman Nevitt’s Criticism

Councilman Nevitt:

You use the phrase “hysteria, extremism, and narrow-minded parochial
interests” to describe widespread opposition to a policy to allow
closing parts of public parks for admissions based events.

These terms are highly inappropriate and derogatory for a person in
your position to use in reference to sincere, honest, dedicated, and
respectful neighborhood representatives and community leaders. In
fact, use of these terms shows your callous disregard and disdain for
valid public opinion.

I would find it almost impossible to apply these demeaning comments to
people such as Carolyn Etter, Joe Halpern, Cindy Johnstone, Larry
Ambrose, and hundreds other Denver residents who are committed to the
principle of keeping parks free and open to the public.

You also insult the seven members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory
Board who voted against admissions based events, and the members of
the community who voluntarily gave their time, energy, and resources
to participate on the Admissions Based Special Events Policy (ABSEP)
Task Force.

By your comments, you have done a great disservice to the citizenry
and the democratic process.

It is particularly distressing that you would use such terminology,
given your background as both a leader in the organized labor movement
and as a member of the Democratic Party.

To call a large number of community leaders narrow-minded and
parochial because they disagree you about this issue is to say that
you have a more enlightened and worldly perspective. It is clear, but
sad, that hubris rather than wisdom is coloring your view.

By addressing you by your first name instead of title on occasion, I
may have appeared disrespectful. I would not, however, use such
insulting words to describe you, either in public or private.

Thanks for your attention. You can still call me “Dave,” not

Dave Felice
At Large Delegate, Greater Park Hill Community Inc. (GPHC) Board of
Director, ABC Streets Association
Member, Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) Parks and Recreation
Member, Admissions Based Special Events Policy (ABSEP) Task Force
Delegate, Denver Area Labor Federation (DALF), AFL-CIO
Steward, Communications Workers of America (CWA), Local 7777

District 7 Councilman Chris Nevitt sent this message in response to an
e-mail message to City Council from Chantal Unfug, Senior Advisor,
Denver Parks and Recreation. In her message, Unfug informed the
Council that Parks Manager Kevin Patterson is preparing to implement
the policy on admissions based events, with some limitations on
specific parks and the number and duration of events.

From: Nevitt, Christopher E. – City Council District 7
Sent: Friday, September 10, 2010 10:36 AM
To: Chantal Unfug and Distribution
Cc: Distribution
Subject: RE: DPRAB last night and admission based events

Thank you, Chantal. I’m looking forward to the update. And lastly,
let me say that I am very happy – and I know a substantial number of
my colleagues are as well – that we are finally taking this measured,
limited, and common-sense step forward to experiment with a broader
set of activities in our parks. Reasonability, compromise, and broad
public interests have prevailed against hysteria, extremism, and
narrow-minded parochial interests. I admire and appreciate the
patience and persistence of Kevin and the Parks & Rec team through
this long and difficult process, and I want to offer equally deep
thanks and admiration to our volunteer appointees on the DPRAB – you
have worked harder and endured more, and made a greater contributions,
in the interests of good public policy, than we could reasonably have
asked for.


Chris Nevitt
Denver City Councilman, District 7


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This message is from Dave Felice, gelato321, Denver,

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