Hearing Set on Admissions Events

Denver Parks and Recreation is getting closer to creating its rules for Admission Based Events in several city parks. (This article is by Elisa Cohen, published in the North Denver Tribune.) After a three-year process led by a taskforce and guided by public input from public meetings, the Denver Parks and Recreation department is holding … Continued

Controversy over OpenAir Cinema

(This article is from the Denver Daily News) OpenAir suffocating to community? Despite attempt by producers of outdoor film festival to calm concerns, some residents still concerned Citizen concern over a planned month-long admissions-based outdoor film festival next summer in City Park has inspired the Massachusetts-based festival organizer to address the controversy. US OpenAir released … Continued

Admissions Policy Regressive, Says Cheesman Park Resident

These are the comments of Kathleen Wells of the West Cheesman Park Neighborhood, regarding consideration of the admissions based events policy by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. I hope that each of you votes “No” on the proposed policy to allow admission-based events in Denver’s city parks for the following four reasons. 1. Parks … Continued

Trust Destroyed, Says Halpern

Alamo Placita neighborhood resident Joe Halpern says the admissions based events policy of Denver Parks “has destroyed public trust in the management of our parks, and has utterly undermined the Department’s credibility.” Halpern commented during a public hearing prior to the 10-7 vote by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to accept the policy. Here … Continued

Parks Advisory Board Approves ABSEP

Okay by Parks Manager likely to follow; most testimony at hearing from opponents By Rory Seeber, Life on Capitol Hill, September 2010 By a 10-7 vote at its Aug. 12 meeting, the Parks & Recreation Department’s Advisory Board voted to recommend to department manager Kevin Patterson that he give final approval of the Admission-Based Special … Continued

Parks are for People (continued)

As much as I laud the effort being made by Parks are for People, I don’t think that any amount of calling and letter writing will change the fact that this Admission Based Policy is a done deal. Whenever they got a chance, the people spoke out against it, and it didn’t matter. The HickenMaster … Continued

Denver Direct: Parks are for People

Limited to 7500 people once a week Denver’s Parks and Rec Advisory Board considered, for a second time, the Mayor’s proposed Admission Based Events Policy. If you have 2 hours and 45 mins of free time, you might consider watching the proceedings here, as I did. (Hat tip to Channel 8). With 80 percent of … Continued

Opposition Message to Mayor Gets Response from Madison

This is a message from former Denver resident Yvette Freeman to Mayor John Hickenlooper. Freeman oppose admissions based events and supports a dedicated festival park venue. District 8 City Councilwoman Carla Madison responds to Freeman. Mayor Hickenlooper, I am writing with the hope that you, City Council and others will reconsider your support to commercialize … Continued