Parks are for People (continued)

As much as I laud the effort being made by Parks are for People, I don’t think that any amount of calling and letter writing will change the fact that this Admission Based Policy is a done deal. Whenever they got a chance, the people spoke out against it, and it didn’t matter. The HickenMaster … Continued

Denver Direct: Parks are for People

Limited to 7500 people once a week Denver’s Parks and Rec Advisory Board considered, for a second time, the Mayor’s proposed Admission Based Events Policy. If you have 2 hours and 45 mins of free time, you might consider watching the proceedings here, as I did. (Hat tip to Channel 8). With 80 percent of … Continued

Opposition Message to Mayor Gets Response from Madison

This is a message from former Denver resident Yvette Freeman to Mayor John Hickenlooper. Freeman oppose admissions based events and supports a dedicated festival park venue. District 8 City Councilwoman Carla Madison responds to Freeman. Mayor Hickenlooper, I am writing with the hope that you, City Council and others will reconsider your support to commercialize … Continued